Destroyer 666 Phoenix Rising LETRA

Oh to see our death as majesty
to look beyond our mortal tragedy
set adrift on seas of infinity
oh to see the terror of eternity...
before our eyes
Oh to be reborn in fire
oh to reap the reward of power
oh to be a sacrifice, a sacrifice...
to a god who sees thru our eyes
to a higher self
"let us chase the sky obscurers,
world blackeners, cloud procurers,
let us clear the realm of heaven,
let us roar with free spirits, who are beast,
roars my bliss, as if storm driven" (nietzche)
Through the seas of bitter tears
unto our death without fear
sink in to the glowing flames
knowing i will live again
I can feel the burning fire
burning all i have been
as the flames take me higher
rising on the burning wings...

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