Annihilator Phantasmagoria LETRA

["phantasmagoria is a form of psychological disorder where the victim has visions of ghosts in his/her mind. these apparitions multiply, eventually driving the victim nuts. weird, eh? all our friends who remember the phantasmagoria 1986 demo should find this quite happening and very heavy. cheers!"]
I have chosen you my friend, you're mine
locked inside this frightening dream
nowhere to hide
every night my demons you will see
an apparition festival, through hell you'll ride
sleep well
in hell
Some one here is calling out your name
look out, i play inside your brain
fleeing from my shadows, you'll never pass my test
don't you know that ghosts never rest
sleep well
in hell
Approaching, you writhe, we take control
unholy inquisition, sentence very cold
my servants, demons, take you down the hole
your mind destroyed, now i want your soul
sleep well
in hell
in hell!

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