PH Factor One Touch LETRA

I was blinded by depression
i had lost all my sense of direction
but you, you heard my midnight calling
you stopped me when i was falling
your love rescued me
There's never been a time in my life
i can't remember when everything
felt so right
i'm felling good cause i've got you
and you've got me, no need for fantasy
cause i lose control with just
one touch
and you've got me
spin into frenzy
dance of love and praises
one touch
and you've ignited
a world so exciting
when you lay your hands on me
You gave me love without condition
when i was trapped by man-made traditions
and you tell me every time i pray
that you will always listen
and help me find my way
I need your love in my life
when the wrong i would, i would do
keeps me fron the light
lord be my strength
in all i do
i give my heart to you
and lose control with just

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