Sonata Arctica Mary-lou LETRA

Mamas put your babies to sleep, story too cruelsome for
them this is. in junior high she said goodbye to her parents and
ran away with a boy. she left her family warm and kind, all of her
friends said "you´re out of your mind".
life of her own she would find, it´s monday and she´s
gotta grind.
A job as a waitress she sure was to find, beautiful face,
mind of a child. boy got her pregnant, mary-lou cried,
"for this i am too young oh why did you lie"
you said "it´s okay if we do it today",
i was so scared that you would go away.
"despite all the papers been signed, mama take me
back be so kind".
Only a child, reckless and wild, needs to come
home again. he promised the moon but won´t marry you.
nothing to do, eating for two, he´s goin´ out with
someone new. sunshine or rain, it´s all the same, life
isn´t gray
oh mary-lou.
Mamas do your children still sleep, in the safe of their
cradles so sweet. story i told you i have forseen,
your little angel ain´t always so clean.
days to come aren´t easy to see, you can change ´em but it isn´t free.
i see that you don´t believe, ooo-oo, but you
will see.

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