Amethyst Last Touch LETRA

I need to break from my chains
from all that binds me down
the suffered self, the sorrowed pain
i need a knife to cut me free
from these chains that tie me down
I'm cursed for all eternity
by this scar inside my heart
the pain will never disappear
the guilt will never part
I held you close, close to me
and faced my fears to pass them through
my bitterness long forgotten
i let my truth and beauty show
You backed away in terror
your smile now fading fast
you cried out in distress
as i slashed you with the blade
Your heart no longer beating
your lips no longer prayed
i touched your blood with my fingertips
i smiled, and closed my eyes
No longer felt your innocence
i no longer heard your lies
i withdrew all my anger
turned, and backed away
i looked back... calling your name
(it was the time for our last touch)

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