The Cavedogs Here Comes Rosie LETRA

Integrity, some new disease
where all road kill stretched for miles
joins hands and smiles
hip rock t.v.
jerks all the knees
riddle me this
is it style?
riddilin child

don't test me this way
you ought to get it right the first time
if i can't have my say
i'll take the cup supplied to me
and fill it up
send it away,
results next day
Town on a leash
clowns on a spree
invading, foam rubber violence
high balloon finance
ancestry, dog to a tree
come on and join in the pile up
nine hundred dial up
Don't test me this way
was looking forward to the next phrase
doubt that i'm okay
my trousers drop with good reason
exercise my right to obey,
do it today
Nevermore will you crawl around again
we'll sign your face
and tenderize your brain my friend
so when you blunder out
into the light
too comfortable to ever turn us in
never turn us in
here comes rosie!
(instrumental break)

don't test me this way
you might as well be right the first time
here's my chance, okay
just hold your cups in the morning
breathe it all in and feel great
never too late
never too late
oh, but not a drop to drink

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