Motley Crue Girls Girls Girls LETRA

Girls, girls, girlsmotley cruewooo, haha, uh-uhsaturday night and i need a fight my motorcycle and a switchblade knifehand full of grease and my hair feels rightbut what i need to make me tight are thosegirls, girls, girlslong legs and burgundy lipsgirls, girls, girlsdancin' down on the sunset stripgirls, girls, girlsred lips, fingertipstrick or treat-sweet to eaton halloween and new year's eveyankee girls ya just can't be beatbut they're the best when they're off their feetgirls, girls, girlsat the dollhouse in ft. lauderdalegirls, girls, girlsrocking in atlanta at tattletailsgirls, girls, girlsraising hell at the 7th veilhave you read the newsin the soho tribuneya know she did me well then she broke my hearti'm such a good, good boyi just need a new toyi tell ya what, girldance for me, i'll keep ya overemployedjust tell me a story you know the one i meancrazy horse, paris, franceforget the names, remember romancei got the photos, a menage a troismusta broke those frenchies laws with thosegirls, girls, girlsbody shop, marble archgirls, girls, girlstropicana's where i lost my heartgirls, girls, girlsfrom: hethrnurse <>

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