Mortdom Diseased LETRA

Friday night and i'm ready to score.
lookin for a cheap dirty whore.
i'm so horny i need some pussy tonight.
and i don't care if it's loose or it's tight.
my cock is huge and i'm over 18
tho i may smell like vaseline...
come on baby wont ya show me some class?
be a good girl take it in the ass.
and gimme your disease.
she was the best fuck that i ever had.
sweet smell of sex.. i think she had gas?
her head was rockin while she was givin me head.
that's when i noticed my cock was blood red.
i may be dumb but i'm not naieve.
and it's not good when your penis bleeds!
i looked at her and said "what the fuck?"
"that's what ya get for 20 bucks"
"ya get a fuckin disease..."
i asked the doctor just what i had.
she gave me herpes, gonorehha and crabs.
if i could ya i'd do it again.
coz now i got a crotch full of friends.
i got a fuckin disease.
but now there's one thing that i understand.
sex is safer with your hand.
it's friday night got a magazine.
and my trusty jar of vaseline.
and my fucking disease....

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