40 Below Summer Disease LETRA

Think about your life think about your life in the ground
think about your pain think about it then suck it down
think about the road think about that your on
think about your life now its gone
face up - and change
your time - displaced
no way - you're gonna
if you could see through my eyes
you'll see i'm fucked up inside
i cant get away i cant get away from this place
i am drowning in i am drowning in my mistakes
i cant get it off i cant get it off yes its real
i cant get it off theirs nothing to feel
no life - this is the
last time - i've got it
all wrong - ?????
if you could see through my eyes
you'll see i'm fucked up inside
cant you just see it's a trap
you been jacked you been smacked you been cracked
it's a fact in the black that's designed to hold you back
you can try you can die you can fly you can run you can hide
but the pain that you feel inside
you been hooked you been booked you been shook you been took
why cant you take a look
take a look (repeat)
you're gonna burn and bleed on your knees gonna
feel the freeze as you feel my disease (repeat)
my disease (repeat)

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