Much The Same Conclusion LETRA

Now we'll move on with our lives
and try to make this right
to learn from past mistakes we made before
if you want, i'll leave you be to figure out yourself
before you figure out what's defeating me
there's no one left to turn to,
another time we'll try to forget who tried
and now we'll move on with our lives
not shedding tears, i'll get by
you're better off without it
you're better off without him
you're better off without it
you're better off with anything
now who came out the better person,
the better human being?
and i'd really like to thank you
for getting that person out of me
i'm wondering how you're doing and i'm wondering how you've been
and i really hope you're happy
that you're happier with him
that time we spent together,
did it mean anything at all?
and i'm not gonna sit here wondering
why you didn't call

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