Annihilator Both Of Me LETRA

We lie awake and try to reason why
these people treat us so unkind
just wanna taste the freedom one more time
just wanna leave it all behind
we sneak down the hallway, it's time for us to go
it's time for them to let us be
so close to heaven, i can almost see the light
a few more steps and we'll be free
leave it all behind
Breaking out in silence
as we crawl beneath the gate
run, run so much fun
doesn't it feel great
over the wall, the great escape
we pledge you this and vow
that you'll never, ever catch us
you'll never get us now
Breathing hard, we got to get away
never going back to yesterday
run and hide from the enemy
but you can't stop the both of me
Racing through the darkness
ad we slice into the night
there's no one here to challenge us
our freedom's now in sight
but something moves around us
they've seen through our disguise
flashing lights surround us
they begin to multiply
Siren's wall, they're right behind us
but i know what to do
it's time for us to say good bye
time to split in two
returning there is not an option
we've never going back
you cage us like an animal
prepare for the attack

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