Mnemic Blood Stained LETRA

Did you not make me take the blame for you
did you not take me for a fool and then you made me cry
what did you achieve, blood/hate i believe
watch as i deceive you in hell
So you lived your life on a level of indiscretion which i?ve never seen
your ignorance makes my silent anger just wake up and scream
It's bloodstained.
So in all this hate, the suffering, it makes me go insane
twistin? and turning to avoid the burning that is this pain
So you would like me to go down
face it i won't let you win this game
so you spit in my face
still i get up and scream
Is that all that you got, i got more for you
your past will catch up with you, so why not take a chance now
So you blame it all on the use and abuse of your sad power
but i'm sad to hear your arrogant excuses as i break you in your finest hour
So i say did you not fuck it up, did you pay when your greed just wouldn't stop
all that time did you ever think of me
but in time i will make you understand, ironically i will make you understand
you will violently learn to know my name.

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