Adorned Brood Asgard LETRA

Magic is in the air. as many miracles,
as many gods there in this land.
- asgard, land of the gods -
i saw the path to him, there's no turning back.
my entrance in this world was beautiful.
walhalla the holy land.
Hall of the proud warriors.
place of wotan's throne.
am i good enough?
ruled by the one-eyed, old man.
Murderers and scum will go to hel.
a woman who rules her reich by herself.
as the loneliest majesty.
her face, half woman half beast.
helheim the unholy land.
A hall of pain.
far away from light.
no turning back.
where ever lasting darkness rules.
asgard, the land of the gods.
Hall of the proud warrior.
place of wotan's home
am i good enough?
ruled by the one-eyed old man.
My power becomes bigger and bigger.
magic lives in me.
- forever and ever -
don't you ever forget what's been told,
or die...
- die by my hand -

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