Vivid Existence A Captive LETRA

I've endured the pain this far
i dont know where to go...
Which way do i turn?
which way do i go?
please help me find the way
to follow in your way
I have no sense of direction
i'm laying here with no sign of affection
i know everyone needs to love
to have someone to dream of
but im lonely and forgotten
someone please
rescue me
I need the love
i need the affection
to keep me going on
to free me from this suspension
im in a prison
my heart feels so encaged
i feel so helpless
my mind full of rage
i'm in a prison
locked up in a cell
the condition i'm in
feels like hell
someone please free me
Theres no one else who can save me
you're the one only one
i feel like a captive
a battle raging inside me
that will never be won
i'm in a prison
with no one to help me
someone please save me
someone please save me....
i feel like a captive..

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