Randy Stonehill COSMETIC FIXATION 가사


Words and Music by

Randy Stonehill

Cosmetic fixation, it's overtaking

the nation

Cosmetic fixation, it's such a sick


Is here hair real blonde

Are her legs real long

Does she look real foxy on the

party lawn

You pretend your love is true

But she's just a symbol of success

to you

Cosmetic fixation, we pursue it

with dedication

Cosmetic fixation, you know we

use it like medication

You got the foreign car

With the phone and bar

And the license plate says who

you are

You pretend you're satisfied

Yes, but it's only there to stroke

your pride

We're so concerned about

keeping up appearances

And all the while we ravage our


We're so annoyed with the Truth's


And real values get sacrificed to


Cosmetic fixation, it's overtaking

the nation

Cosmetic fixation, you know we

treat it like the great vocation

You got the house on the hill

Your jacuzzi's filled

And the Dom Perignon is nicely


It's like all those magazines

But in the end it doesn't mean a


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