Slum Village Go Ladies 歌词

(jay dee and t3)

Ay yo yo yo, and ya don't stop(3x)

Go ladies(5x)
Ay yo, y'all just rehearsing, rehearsing, re- a re-a re- rehearsing,

Ay yo, ay yo, ay yo,
Get this shit
She on our list as a lady to hit
She's kinda thick, i'm getting wit quick
Yo hit me up nine, seven, six
Thugs look to her, just like that
I see you in the corner, i like, yeah i like that
See, ho, yo, me and you girl, goin on yo
Come to my crib lets get in some bizznesss
Wit me, what you wanna do, nigga named 3
It's gotta be, like that, like it's gotta be
This girl aint tryin to be funky
This is how i do it ay yo, yo
This is for the ladies ay yo, yo let me get funky
Just like soul
I get on the mic and drop a flow
Just so, so y'all, niggaz might know
About this lady, i tell you this one
She lookin good she gon get done
I swear to god, c'mon, let me tell you sumt'n
(t3 laughing in the background)

Go ladies(11x)

(jay dee)

Ay yo, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, do it
Yo c'mon everybody get down wit us, us, us
We make the music sound marve-luh-us
Conant gardens nigga, scand-a-luh-us
I got something waitin for you vanda-luh-us
It's in a stash box, for who wantin my stuff
That be scoopin up them ladies like a spach-e-lour-uh
Knowing damn-well i aint no bach-e-luh-uh
Who gives a, i aint askin ya, uh,
As long as she aint fat i can handle her-uh
Yo just foolin wit ya, yo this for the ladies, ay yo, yo
It feels good clap ya hands to the sound of uh-us
C'mon everybody get down wit uh-us
C'mon everybody get down, check it out

Go ladies, go ladies, go ladies, go ladies (check it out)
Go ladies, go ladies (check it out) , go ladies, go ladies


I could picture you girl, in the back
Naked in my crib girl, so what's up?
You can see me, you can see me chillin in my black puma
Ladies coming down my nutz-it-cuz, cuz
I never sweat it cause i know who they want
See we super-duper-duper, to the, range ro-va
Conant gardens, mac, nic n-n-n-n-,nic
Always making the ladies move and groove is my motive
The joint is on the scene and it's as long as a locomotive
When i'm on the mic i never give up, up, up ,up
Make moves, make moves, make moves, yo check it out
All the ladies in the place if you got big breasts, breasts
Come over to my place we can play "chess"

Go ladies(16x)

Ooooohweeeeee ohyeah all right
Go head (5x) ooooohweeeeee wooo, c'mon girl, c'mon girl

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