Regurgitator Nothing To Say 歌词

I have nothing to say but then i'll say it
So you've words with your music can i speak bullshit?
Yes i can what a scam
Pass the damn load off
As a funky assed jam

Stoned to the groove must i remind you
To get yourself a fashionable superlative to cling to
Light on the fizz so you can slam it down quick
On to the next hit get sucking on it

We are the soundtrack
For this rerun of fun
Some aural stimulation for your bovine defecation
We're not here to hear just to complement the beer
So i'll move my mouth so but i fear

I have nothing to say (x4)

Have you got any requests my fine feathered guests?
What will you pay to hear me say?
That it's alright that it's all wrong
That the sun's come up and it's a beautiful dawn
That i'm just a hypocrite with another brand of shit
What the fuck as long as it rhymes
I'll shut the fuck up and sing in time sing in time

Cos i have nothing to say (nothing to say)
I have nothing to say (nothing to say) (x3)

-except did you come to get down?
Did you come to fuck up?
Did you come to fill your ears with this muck?
Did you come to speak shit just for the taste of it?
I came to speak shit and i'm up the loudest
So thanks for your lives and thanks for your time
And thanks for your shite you'll thank me for mine

Cos i have nothing to say
I have nothing to say (x2)
Cos there is nothing to say

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