Reef Pretenders 歌词

come on

when they get to your heart
they're gonna work you out
and when they do they'll stop following
when they do they'll stop following you

speak your name again and they run away
laughing loud as they run away
don't kid yourself they're laughing at you

one day soon
you say you're gonna
chase your dream
you do it now or you never will
no you won't they'll walk right through you

confused kids shout out that they paid money
paid money to watch you not believe
paid money and now they're leaving

they're gone they're not returning
because you are pretending

come on

what i sing about oh well never mind
but listen up and i'm sure you'll find
i sing of you and you'll never notice

words i sing they're helping me to believe
it's more than that
you know it makes me breathe
with breath in blood i know i'm living

they're gone they're not returning
because you are so boring

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