Neurosis Purify 歌词

blazing eye sees all
nature of fiery truth.
patterns unfold
whispers revealing.
path of spiral reaps
fetal buried gold.
humbled in the womb.
a center opens
to the unknown.

can you feel your fate.
can you see you're
binding time hide
from the light.
biding time hide
from your life.

drowning in the birth
place of the sun.
descending the path
of an ascending god.
purify my hells to
climb the heavens.
sacrifice the flesh
feeding solar visions.

set your mind to soil.
set your mind to soil
in darkness
bringing light.

a knowing old.
a knowing wise.

flames to blades
on earth. stabbing,
scorching sacred lust.

fall back to stone.
fall back on spear.

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