Neurosis Eye 歌词

third seed throw down
visions of serpents
cut. life storm. drown
suffocated spirits
regression's avowed.
torments pawn.
life brings paradoxes
of mysteries that
teach. when our
lesion sees eye to
soul will reach.
mindwars' rise.
struggle of the
will for soul to
defeat. the flight
song of broken wings.

seering light blinds
the eye to providence.

clean wall.
we are hidden.

rats grow fat in our
holes of the past.
transgressions' dawn.
grim fate; abdicate:
marching to slaughter.
soul salvation?

our destiny awaits
survival of our wrath.
the frigid apparition
waits silently. transcendent.
lifewar. arise. strength
of souls persistance
through defeat.
flightsong of broken

deep, deep shining
silver womb.

clean wall.
we are hidden.

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