Mxpx Cristalena 歌词

Cristalena, ya she's so cool
Crsitalena, she's out of control
Half the time she don't know where she's at
Cristalena don't know much about that
But you know, and I know Cristalena
But you know, and I know where I've seen her
Cristalena, she's in her own world
she's always happy as a littly girl
Cristalen's nice unless she's annoyed
Cristalena happens to like boys - but not me
Cristalena, where'd you go?
Don't even know where you've been
Cristalena, won't you stay?
Please don't go away, won't you be my friend?

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Cristalena - MXPX 歌词
cristalena - mxpx 歌词
Cristalena - Mxpx 歌词
Cristalena - Mxpx 歌词
Cristalena - MxPx 歌词