Minnie Riperton Here We Go 歌词

(m. riperton- r. rudolph- a. phillips)

It's a lazy afternoon
Just a kind of a day made for lovin' you
Soon the evening breezes will start to blow
Baby, grab your hat now 'cause here we go

Ooh, i love the things you do
And the way that i feel when i'm close to you
I have dreamed so long, is it really so?
Baby, grab your hat now 'cause here we go

Off to wonderland... floating hand in hand
Like in the movies
Everyone can tell that i'm in love with you
I never knew what love could do
My heart begins to pound whenever you're around
I'm never coming down
Ohhh noooo

It's a quarter after two
And there's no one around except me and you
Well it's times like this that i'm living for
Shall we turn the lights down and lock the door
Baby don't stop... don't you dare no
Just a little bit more we're almost there
Any second now i'll explode
Baby, grab your hat now 'cause here we go

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