John Fogerty I Can't Help Myself 歌词

My oh my, what's a guy to do?
The time is right, time to make a move;
This is hard to take, i can hardly wait!
I can't help myself.

Pins and needles, nervous alley cat;
I can't sit down, i'm burnin' up the track;
Like a runaway truck, i just gotta buck;
I can't help myself.

There's a whirlwind up ahead, so spread the news;
I can't be late, i gotta break, i feel like bustin' loose!
I can't help myself.

My oh my, ride the wild stampede;
I can't let go, i can't control the speed;
I'm chompin' at the bit, and it's too late to quit!
I can't help myself.


I can't help myself, i can't help myself.
This is hard to take, i can hardly wait!
I can't help-a-my, i can't help-a-my, i can't help-a-myself.

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