Dark Funeral The black winged horde 歌词

open your portals, infernal lord
oh, great opener of the way
come forth, hear my calls
blast ye forth through the gates
unholy master, spread your wings
fly then high, into the blood red skies
bring this world, into eternal darkness
it's time to claim your rightful domain

send out your black winged horde, through the night
defend their lord, when angels strike
unholy war, thunder roar
angels blood falls to the ground

satan lord- through the night he flies
holding high their impaled nazarene son
covered in blood, and his jaws agape
his eyes aglow with the fires of hate

once again, the dark age will rise
worlds set aflame, by your hellish hate
no more feeble christians ever will reign
burned into eternal fire, in your darkened domain

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