Bizzy Bone Before I Go 歌词

Before i go

Before i go

Momma momma, i know i sellin?this marijuana. god, i do what i wanna, but,
God, they won give me a job. i scream and i holla, and even tried to stop the cops, blocked my getaway (can stop me.) i know i sellin?chop chops, god, when they send me away, on these hill
Waitin?for drama, ause i skinny. the streets may be hideous, but the heat was pretty. pitty, many died, city-wide, where we ride, out to the nitty gritty, slide thru the system of lies. stri
Of my pride, i don think ia make it alive. ause if i do, il be institutionalized, thugged out ever since pac died. i know what thugs is all about, make a suckaphice for christ. these mot
Kas never could kill me twice ... and crackpipes on the playground...playground...playground...playground...playground

Before i go ... now, before i go to jail, dog, hell naw! don let m put me in the cell, lord. praise god.

As i sit in this jail cell, hell, readin?the mail mama sent to me, i can tell she gettin?weary. where my daddy at? i don give a fuck! nigga, don call me when this money stacks, duckin?the ki
Everyday! where the love at? bone thugs, brand new. i always been with god, but is god withoo? i keep hearin? these voices, heaven or hell are my choices, and sinister poinsens on my soul and
Ssey was the ointment (hennessey!) satan still the enemy, never been no friend of me, especially in the fast lane. i can pretend to be an angel when i only a servant, constant in service t
One and only, undisputed with common certousy. none of yll could have been worse than me. i sold thangs that i ain proud of, i won even mention the power. see, the hour gettin? nearer,
F i died today, i died a happy man. god bless the family!

Before i go ... now, before i go to jail, dog, hell nah! don let m put me in the cell, lord. praise god.

Damn, nobody sent me twenty dollars, and my baby mama scared to kiss me, you don miss me. i don blame her, i may be the b. family keep on dissin?me, and got a letter, i hopin?to die qu
. hopin?to die swiftly. ia take all of these niggas with me. they keep on temptin?me, and the warden wonder why i don cry, ause they sentenced me five hundred and twenty years, what the fu
Five mo? what am i here fo? ause i was blastin?at the five-0. little brother been blowin?up, my niggas growin?up. throwin?up gang signs, and i was prayin?at the same time. i tell m slow it
Ell nah! then don you wind up in this hellhole. if i could do it all again, but now, i becomming a man! learnin?in prison, all these criminals, yll don know how the fuck they livin? but
 givin?up, readin?the bible everyday, and only god can save me, il be brave!

Before i go ... now, before i go to jail, dog, hell naw! don let m put me in the cell, lord. praise god

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