Amen SLAVE 歌词

I am no one
But not like you
I will burn too
Blinded by the night-time
Out on your play
Running the faith
Shining the fate
Blind eye no mind

What you gonna do to me and what you gonna say to me
I don't wanna hear about all your drama mishap
Running down the willing scenes and I won't suck on
your disease
I don't need no riot gear to roll into the heaven

I am no one
Tied to you
Shine onto me
Blind mind never see
Your thoughts are the whore
Bought what was said
Tied to what you want
To what you want

Bound to what you got to run away and look around
To the money girls running down in your trees
Bound to what you get when you walk around you
Walk around you...Walk around you...Walk around you
Walk around you...Walk around you
It never sees
It never cease
Never cease

Are you too drag? Are you too bad? Gone alone
Gone emblazed Gone and glazed Are you there?
No one No one ever said
You'll never understand you're blind and all alone
You'll never understand you're blind and all alone

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