I got solution I got the GRIP
I got to change I've got the sickness
Lusting face.... green and red
The cash is burning holes in my head

This is The. Murder. Train
This. Is. The. Murder. Train
Powered on all these lives that feed
Lived falling. unclean,

Rats in Paradise!

I got solution I got the Grip
I've got to change I've gotta get sick
Positive for all to see
These lives fallen, unclean...clean?
I am Unclean
Take it up the backside, Unclean
I Am Unclean!
Take it up the backside. Unclean

Rats In Paradise

Did you wanna grow up?
Did you want to grow up?
Grow up/Throw up
Turn or burn
I am unclean!
Take it up the backside, unclean
I am unclean!
I am unclean
Your not a whore
I am

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