P.M, Dawn Downtown Venus 가사

I'm Downtown Venus, And I'm trying to be by myself.....myself

Habitual dreamers, And no one dreams enought to get me home

I'm Downtown Venus, And they're trying to devine my self.....my self (and they keep saying)


You could be into you but you don't know what you're like

yeah.....you would be into you but you don't know what you're like.

I'm Downtown Venus, And it's alright to kiss my life.....my life

I got misdemeanors, Mounting up for sleeping on the "nows"

I'm Downtown Venus, And I can't get behind my worth....my worth (but they keep saying)


I'm downtown Venus, where simplicity is always hurt....always hurt

I can't stop screamin', 'cause I'm falling to entertain all of my selves

I'm Downtown Venus And I constantly remind myself....my self

I could be into me but....I don't know what I'm like

Yeah...I could be into me but....I dont' know what I'm like.............

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