The Brandos Turn Away LYRICS

Where you gonna roam to
Now my friend
Do you really think
We're near the end ?
You say you've seen the seasons
Come and go
And happiness is comin'
Far too slow

Turn around
And turn away
Gonna leave all this pain
Turn around
And turn away
Oh, Lord
There's no more
It's over for me

You say there ain't a reason
To carry on
You struggle with the pain
From dusk till dawn
You're headin' for the hills
And you won't be back
To wander at night
On a moon-lit track

It's not that I
Don't love you all
God knows that I do
I just can't afford
To take another fall
So I'll turn away
Turn away
Away from you

A man's better off
When he's all alone
When his thoughts and feelings
Are his own
He can't hurt no one and he can't get hurt
His friends can't treat him
Like he's dirt

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