Ugly Mus-tard blue 가사

And I will always succumb to you.

And I will always see it through.

A poison dart into the cashier...her body hits the floor.

Little heather passerby, a van pulls open door.



Careful attention to detail.

If you keep quiet I'll never fail.

A crowded room, another fill an empty space.

The soothing silence of the room, the color washed...from her face.

Here it comes again.

A quiet stare into forever.

Lost beneath the sheets of never.

It's all nothing blue.

Yes I will always succumb to you.

To this forever, I'll be true.

Another day, another staple to these wings.

Another care, another problem...for all these little things.

A stronger cross to bare the witness...of what we've both become.

And after all is said and done, my kingdom came...and now I'm done.

There comes a time to kill the weak off.

There comes a time to make them pay.

It's just enough to make me happy.

It's just enough to make you go away.

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