Ludacris Stick em Up 歌词

stick em up
stick em up
bitch stick em up
put your hands up where i could see em (2x)
stick em up
stick em up
bitch stick em up
target niggas wouldn want to be em

(verse 1)
i want the money and the power they hittin me every hour
for the sipp greens and powder
chasing them dirty dollars
i from texas nigga
it get hectic nigga
people depending on me
i came to neglect dem niggaz
cause the game is deeper then just working off the beeper
if the paper ain right then we call in a sweeper
to clean up the problems and straighten up the mess
so niggas come wit yo pistols and niggas come wit the vest
this ain the east or the west
the bama weed or the stress
i young pimp from port arthur
and we done past the test
and we smokin the best everywhere that we go
and when our records come out
them bitches they sell out the store
stayin swol on the dro
and keep that thing on the floor
want my money up front when we come for the show
yll can play wit ya paper but i dieing for mines
so while yll buying them watches
i a stay on the grind
fuck nigga


(verse 2)
say nigga you think it a joke
trill niggas be going for broke
fools a whistle loc
in the mutherfuckin pistol smoke
and it just a matter of time before youe labeled a buster
i dust a nigga that couldn katchup and cut the mustard
now i got confidence i don need no condaments
all i need is common sense to see through your incompatense
nigga keep your compliments they don flatter me
you fucking wit me and that will be the day bitch we don play
know the gat a be huh
right on the side of me
right where it supposed to be
bitch niggas die for me
never getting too close to me
so go kiss you rosery
bee a send you a silent one
cause i promise if you get it
it going to be a violent one
the corener is catching his breath
like he got asthma
when they cut on the blue light and see all the fucking plasma
mullenium murder master nigga
i ain new to this
so if you see that bun b
young pimp
or that ludacris


(verse 3)
hollow laid
hollow sprayed
i the hollow man
i get to the hollow point wit my hollow plan
hollow bullets i pull it
i about to live in vain
and then i drill em refill em make sure they feel the pain
it mighty strange how your peep hole is my fucking gage
catch you in concert then wipe you off the fucking stage
i feel a ghetto rage
let turn the ghetto page
my bitch stick you wit ghetto metal stelleto thangs
and i got a ghetto aim
wit diamond bezaled rings
so while my index is working my pinky blinding things
i hit em at close range
i spit em at most brains
you think you real rich nigga we going to make some chump change
you think it a fucking game
you think it a blood sport
you gaspin for breath and i puffing on one of these newports
and i see a red dot aimed at your head
them bright lights
oh no po po
and guess what they said
they said


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