Nirvana Heartbreaker 歌词

Hey fellas have you heard the news?
You know that Annie's back in town.
It won't take long just watch and see,
All the fellas lay their money down
Her style is new but the face is the same,
As it was so long ago.
But from her eyes a different smile,
Like that of one who knows.

Well it's been ten years and maybe more,
Since I first set eyes on you.
The best years of my life gone by,
Here I am alone and blue.
Some people cry and some people die,
By the wicked ways of love.
But I'll just keep on rolling along
With no grace from the Lord above

People talking all around,
About the way you left me flat.
I don't care what the people say,
I know where their jive is at.
One thing I do have on my mind,
If you can clarify please do,
It's the way you call me by another guy's name,
When I try to make love to you.

Work so hard I couldn't unwind,
Get some money saved.
Abuse my love a thousand times,
However hard I tried.
Heartbreaker your time has come,
Can't take your evil way.
Go away heartbreaker.

Originally by Led Zeppelin

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