Badly drawn boy Journey from A to B 歌词

I measured the distance from Heaven to Hell
How will we do only time will tell
Oh when you stop worrying
What anyone says doesn mean a thing

Just tell me you're feeling it
And you're not disbelieving it

I'll pay you in kind or silver and gold
I want to ignore all the stories untold
Make me an offer I cannot refuse
You know if I win then that means you lose

Just say you believe in it
That you're not, not feeling it

Dwelling on the memories
Is such a waste of energy
It's simple when you see it in front of you
On walls, in bedrooms

Hold you're head up higher
Don't tell me youe not strong enough
If your journey's over
I hope you feel that I am the one
Only time will tell

Just say you'll be loving me
For an eternity

Oh I feel tired of all of these games
Everywhere, everything is the same
Tell me you'll promise you might come with me
The start of a Journey from A to B

I'll be happy to carry you
Even though I know I haven't got the strength to hold you
I need you more than ever before
If our journey's over
I hope that you will find someone who will love you more

Now not for the first time
What I want might not be mine
If you say you won't come along
Then I know I can't go it alone

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